The winners of 2017 GOPO awards

The 11th edition of The GOPOS, known as the Oscars of the Romanian film industry, took place on Tuesday 21st of March at I.L. Caragiale National Theater of Bucharest.

The event, hosted by Alex Bogdan, acknowledged the most cherised Romanian actors, directors and producers and their film productions.

Sieranevada was the winner for Best Motion Picture and the trophy for Best Director went to Cristi Puiu.  Sieranevada was also the most awarded film (winning a total of six trophies), followed by Dogs with five.

A special situation was for Best Cinematography, where the trophy was shared between Andrei Butică (Dogs) and Mihai Panduru (Scarred Hearts), both obtaining the same number of votes.

Here is the complete list of the 2017 GOPO winners:

Best motion picture: Sieranevada (directed by Cristi Puiu)

Best director: Cristi Puiu (Sieranevada)

The prize was handed by actors Dana Doganu and Marian Râlea.

”As this is my directing prize, allow me to dedicate it to Sorin Medeleni (Toni from Sieranevada), who passed away before the film was released.” – said Cristi Puiu.

Cristi Puiu, Sieranevada

Best actor in a leading role: Gheorghe Visu (Dogs)

Best actress in a leading role: Dana Dogaru (Sieranevada)

I would like to thank the ones who voted for me, to thank Cristi Puiu who trusted me and I think he still does, and to the whole team.” – extract of Dana Dogaru’s speech

Dana Dogaru

Best supporting actor: Vlad Ivanov (Dogs)

Best supporting actress: Ana Ciontea (Sieranevada)

Best screenplay: Cristi Puiu (Sieranevada)

Best cinematography: Andrei Butică (Dogs), Marius Panduru (Scarred Hearts)

Best film editing: Letiţia Ştefănescu, Ciprian Cimpoi (Sieranevada)

Best sound editing: Sam Cohen, Sebastian Zsemlye, Hervé Buirette (Dogs)

Best original music score: Codrin Lazăr, Sorin Romanescu (Dogs)

”Thank you Bogdan [Mirică] for actually being our inspiration to create this music.”

Best production design: Cristian Niculescu (Scarred Hearts)

It is the 5th Gopo trophy for Cristian Niculescu and the 6th nomination.

Best costume design: Dana Păpăruz (Scarred Hearts)

Best makeup and hairstyling: Bianca Boeroiu, Domnica Bodogan (Scarred Hearts)

Best debut film: Dogs (directed by Bogdan Mirică)

When the nominations were made public, the film’s producer, Marcela Ursu, sent me a message in her own personal style: <<You won’t win anything. Cristi [Puiu] and Cristian [Mungiu] will get everything.>> Tonight, besides all the great people present or not […] I would like to thank mister Cristi and mister Cristian for not participating in this category” – Bogdan Mirică

Bogdan Mirica

Best documentary: A mere breath (directed by Monica Lăzurean-Gorgan)

Best short film: 4:15 PM The end of the world (directed by Cătălin Rotaru, Gabi Virginia Șarga)

Newcomer:  Anamaria Antoci for the production of „Ilegitimate”

Best European Film: Son of Saul (distributed by Transilvania Film)

Audience award for the biggest success at the box office in 2016: #Selfie69 and Two Lottery Tickets

Actors Ion Dichiseanu and Valentin Uritescu received a lifetime achievement award.

Valentin Uritescu

Extract from the introduction speech of Claudiu Bleonț for Valentin Uritescu:

A man who has worn tank tops all his life. His debut book is called << Așa sunt eu, prost (That’s what I am, a fool)>> and the second one – and I think not the last one – is titled << Să ai grijă de ce e mai bun în tine (Take care of the best of you)>>. He is loved; he is in our mind and hearts. He made me and others accept that in order to become great you first have to admit that you are small.”

Article by Romina Banu
English translation by Andreea Andrei

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