#weekendfilms: ADFR’s recommendations for May 18-20

For the following weekend (May 18-20), the schedule of the cinemas features several documentaries and biography films, both Romanian and international. Besides these, we also have three film recommendations to be watched at home, together with your friends and a big bowl of popcorn.

  1. Untamed Romania (dir. Tom Barton-Humphreys; documentary). In the heart of Europe, there is a fabulous natural life: a wildness which represents the home of numerous creatures. Endless mountain chains, ancient forests, infinite waters, all these host reference creatures for the old continent. There are landscapes of beauty and wildness where the lives are dictated by seasons. Creatures that seem to be part of legends live freely and the animals fight for survival. Untamed Romania with Victor Rebengiuc is a unique documentary about nature, which will show us all these lovely stories.

The film can still be seen during this weekend at Grand Cinema & More, Movieplex Cinema and Happy Cinema Liberty Mall.

  1. Infinite football (dir: Corneliu Porumboiu; biography, documentary) – the latest film of Corneliu Porumboiu, which was selected in the Forum Section at Berlin Film Festival 2018,
    offers an original point of view on the sports field from a small city of Romania. The film
    follows the attempt of an officer to create a better version of the football game and leave it as a legacy to the world. But, is it all about football?

The film is scheduled on Friday, May 18th, at Cinemateca Eforie, at 6:00 PM.

  1. Faces Places (dir. AgnèsVarda, JR; documentary) – Director AgnèsVarda, one of the most important figures of the New French Wave, and photographer and muralist JR are co-directors of the road movie documentary Faces Places. Even though they are part of different generations, Varda is 89 years old and JR is only 35, they are soul mates, sharing the same passion for imagines and the way they are created, presented and shared.

The film can be seen on Sunday, May 20th, at Elvire Popesco Cinema, at 5:00 PM. Tickets can be purchased here.


Films for home:

  1. Domestic (dir. Adrian Sitaru, drama) – Our first film recommendation that can be seen at home is hosted by the Cinepub platform. Domestic is a story about people and animals and their unconditional relationship. A rabbit, a chicken, a cat, a dog and a pigeon become part of the main characters’ lives, influencing their path.

The film can be found on CINEPUB, with free access.

  1. American History X (dir. Tony Kaye, drama) – We continue our recommendation series with an American classic. American History Xfollows the story of a neo-Nazi teenager who truly believes in the Aryan race supremacy, being seduced by the racist guru called Cameron. For this role, Edward Norton what nominated for Best Leading Role at The Academy Awards.

Here are three fun facts about the film:

  • Edward Norton turned down a role for Saving Private Ryan (1998) to do this film.
  • Seth wears a shirt during the basketball game featuring the number 88. This is a Nazi skinhead code for HH, or ‘Heil Hitler’, H being the 8th letter of the alphabet.
  • During the party scene, the swastika on the back of Seth’s jacket is counter-clockwise. The counter-clockwise swastika indicates that the person wearing it is the leader.

The film will be broadcasted on Saturday, May 19th, at 11:45 PM, on Digi Film and Digi Film HD.

  1. 12 Years a Slave(dir. Steve McQueen, biography). The film is based on a true story of a man’s fight for survival and freedom, in a period of time when the skin color sets the human value. An important film in the universal film culture, 12 years a Slave won numerous important awards in 2014: Best Film, Best Supporting Actress, Best Supporting Actor at The Academy Awards, Best Film at The Golden Globes and Best Film at BAFTA Awards.

The film can be seen on Sunday, May 20th, at 10:30 PM, at Pro Cinema.

Article by Romina Banu
English translation by Andreea Andrei


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