#weekendfilms: Film recommendations for June 9-11

Don’t worry if this weekend you could not go to Cluj at TIFF 2017, because you can also make plans in Bucharest. We got your back and found some film premieres that you can watch both in cinema and at home.

This is what we can see (premieres and other films) this weekend in the cinemas of Bucharest:

  1. The History of Love (dir: Radu Mihăileanu; drama). Based on the bestseller with the same name written by Nicole Krauss, the film tells the love story between Leo and Alma, two young Jews from Poland who seem to be forever separated by the horrors of World War II. The History of Love is the name of the book that Leo wrote for Alma and its mysterious comeback will connect people all over the world. The movie is the English debut of the Romanian director Radu Mihăilescu.

The film will have the premiere in Romania on Friday, June 9 and it can be seen this weekend at Grand Cinema & More Băneasa, Happy Cinema Liberty Center, Elvire Popesco Cinema and National Peasant Museum Cinema. You can find here more details about schedule and tickets or on the websites of the cinemas mentioned above.

  1. Wonder Woman (dir: Patty Jenkins; adventure, fantasy; 3D) had the Romanian premiere on June 2nd. It is the film in which Gal Gadot returns as the DC Comics superheroine, together with Chris Pine, Robin Wright and many others. Before becoming Wonder Woman she was Diana, the Amazon princess, raised in a remote paradise and trained for battle. When an American pilot crashes on her island and warns her about the imminence of a war that will turn the whole world inside out, she leaves home to fight, convinced that her intervention will stop the threat.

We selected for you five of the most interesting fun facts from the movie:

  • This is the first female dominant superhero film in twelve years since Elektra (2005)
  • Patty Jenkins is the first woman to direct a superhero film with a female protagonist.
  • In 2005, Angelina Jolie was offered the chance to play the lead role, but she declined. In 2015, she was considered for directing the film. A role was also offered to Cate Blanchett, but she turned it down. But we will see her in the role of Hela in Thor: Ragnarök (2017).
  • According to a poll of 10.000 voters, Wonder Woman is the most anticipated blockbuster of the summer of 2017.
  • The movie was banned in Lebanon because its star Gal Gadot is Israeli and served in the National Army. Lebanon is officially at war with Israel.

In this weekend the movie can be seen at Grand Cinema & More Băneasa, Movieplex Plaza Romania and Happy Cinema Liberty Mall. Check this link to find more about schedule and tickets.

  1. The Mummy (dir: Alex Kurtzman; action). The film follows the story of Tyler Colt, a member of the special troops of the USA Navy. His mission to eliminate a terrorist group hidden in a bunker brings him in the Iraqi desert. Going deeper in the ancient and mysterious tomb which serves as a bunker, he discovers a sarcophagus that he opens. From this point on, the plot takes a turn for the worse.

Fun facts:

  • The film marks the first collaboration between Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe.
  • The film’s tagline, ‘Welcome to a new world of gods and monsters’, is a quote from Bride of Frankenstein (1935).
  • The zero gravity sequence took 64 takes and was shot for 2 days in a falling plane. Reportedly, a lot of the crew got nauseous during the scene, except for the main stars Tom Cruise and Annabelle Wallis, who were really proud of the stunt.
  • This is the first movie of the franchise where the mummy is a female.

In Romania the premiere of the The Mummy will be on Friday, June 9 and can be seen at Grand Cinema & More Băneasa, Happy Cinema Liberty Mall and Movieplex Cinema Plata Romania. You can find the details about tickets and schedule here.


If you are staying at home, we recommend you two Romanian films and a foreign one:

  1. Child’s Pose (dir: Călin Peter Netzer; drama) is the Romanian winner film of the Golden Bear and FIPRESCI Award at the 2013 Berlin International Film Festival. The female leading role is played by Luminița Gheorghiu, an important award-winning actress. The film tells an equally tough and tender story about the love beyond the limits of a mother for her only son. The cast also features Bogdan Dumitrache, Florin Zamfirescu, Adrian Titieni, Vlad Ivanov, Mimi Brănescu, etc.

On June 1st the film was launched on the Cinepub platform and it can be seen here.

  1. Dirty Pretty Things (dir: Stephen Frears; thriller) follows the story of two London middle class characters: Okwe, the Nigerian immigrant (Chiwetel Ejiofor), and Senay, the Turkish housekeeper. They work in a hotel from West London which is a front company for illegal business. One night Okwe discovers something shocking which puts the two of them in an impossible situation and tests their own limits. The film was nominated for Best original screenplay at the 2004 Oscars.

Dirty Pretty Things will be broadcasted on CineMAX and CineMAX HD on Friday, June 9, at 6:05 PM.

  1. Fixeur (dir: Adrian Sitaru; drama) is a film about Radu, an intern at the Bucharest office of France Press, who wishes to obtain a reporter position. The opportunity to present a story about an infant prostitute repatriated from France gives him the chance to prove his journalistic skills. However, as he approaches his goal, Radu realizes that the fierceness with which he does this job is doubtful. The film was presented at Toronto Film Festival and at Tokyo Film Festival.

You can watch Fixeur on HBO and HBO HD on Saturday, June 10, at 10:05 PM.

Article by Romina Banu
English translation by Andreea Andrei

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