#WeekendFilms: Recommendations for April 26th-28th

Yes, that’s right, we recommend you going out for a film on Easter weekend. And, after all, why not? The sun is up, all the family and friends are gathering - what better thing to do after a delicious Easter meal? Going out for a film seems to be a great idea!

1. Touch Me Not – (directed by Adina Pintilie; Drama) – The film that conquered Berlin last year and that simply doesn’t need any other introduction. However, for the sake of texts written with responsibility, we must tell you that Touch Me Not lies at the fluid border between reality and fiction and pursues emotional journeys with a profoundly empathic look. Caught between the desire for intimacy and the deep fear of it, Laura and Tomas try to overcome old “scenarios”, defense mechanisms and taboos, cut off the umbilical cord, and finally be free.

Touch Me Not can be watched Friday, April 26th, at Europa Cinema, at 15:30. Tickets can be purchased here.

2. McQueen (directed by Ian Bonhôte & Peter Ettedgui; Biography) – The recently released film about Alexander McQueen’s life and career can be watched this weekend too if you haven’t done so before. In other words: through exclusive interviews with family members and close friends, recovered archive footage, visual effects, and beautiful score, McQueen is a unique visual feast and a thrilling portrait of a fashion visionary, full of inspiration but tormented inside.

The film can be watched Friday, April 26th, at Elvire Popesco Cinema, at 18:00. Tickets can be purchased here.

3. Avengers: Endgame (directed by Anthony Russo & Joe Russo; Adventure, SF) – Let’s be serious, Avengers couldn’t miss this list, it was simply impossible to not be included on it. It’s Easter and there’s a superhero movie at the cinema. Nothing better. And of course, you were expecting this movie, especially after the end of the Avengers: Infinity War, when the universe was left in ruins. But no worries, this time our heroes are returning to bring order back to their world.

The latest Avengers movie can be watched on any day this weekend, whether on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, in several places in the capital: Grand Cinema & More, Movieplex Cinema, Cine Globe Titan and Happy Cinema Liberty Mall. Tickets can be purchased here.

Films to be watched at home, with a full belly and friends around:

1. The Unsaved (directed by Igor Cobileanski; Drama) – We start the list of watch-at-home films with a film streaming on our favorite online platform, CINEPUB. Igor Cobileanski’s debut feature The Unsaved, written alongside a successful Romanian director, Corneliu Porumboiu, had a significant run on the festival season, and has received the FIPRESCI Award at the International Film Festival in Cottbus, Germany, 2013.

The film can be watched online here.

2. Charleston (directed by Andrei Creţulescu; Drama) – A few weeks after the death of his wife, Ioana, and on the evening of his 42nd birthday, Alexandru receives a rather bizarre “gift”: the visit of the younger Sebastian, who claims to have been Ioana’s lover in the past five months … more or less. Charleston is the bittersweet story of an absurd love triangle, “made out” of two men and a woman they both lost. Charleston has received the Gopo Award for Best Original Music in 2019 and was nominated for many other categories, including Best Feature Film, Best Director and Best Actor in a Leading Role.

If you want to find out more about the film, read the Films in Frame interview with Andrei Creţulescu.

Charleston can be watched Friday, April 26th, at 18:00, and Saturday at 11:00, on HBO 2 and HBO 2 HD.

3. Breaking News (directed by Iulia Rugină; Drama) – After the tragic death of his cameraman, reporter Alex Mazilu makes an in memoriam piece on his life. Three days before Christmas, in a small town on the Black Sea coast, Alex puts together the puzzle of his existence, all seen through the eyes of his hardened teenage daughter. In an attempt to compensate for the death of his former colleague, Alex takes his place imperceptibly.

The film can be watched Friday, April 26th, on Pro Cinema, at 20:30.

An article by Romina Banu

Translation by Andreea Toader

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