The Script Contest – The winner of the third edition

"Before Christmas, a white flamingo accidentally landed on Lake Trivale in Pitești. Larisa saw him, along with her grandfather. Or so she thinks, since Larisa is dim-sighted." That's the premise of the winning film of The Script Contest 2019.

The 3rd edition of The Script Contest was held this year under a new format meant to encourage the dialogue between screenwriters and the jury. Therefore, the finalists had one-on-one meetings with the jury members where they received feedback and indications on how to improve their scripts.

PITCHin’ Day took place on February 21st, 2019, where eight of the finalists presented their newly improved projects in front of the jury consisting of Andreea Borţun, Anamaria Antoci, and Bogdan Boguţă, and a small audience.

Although only one winner was selected, all finalists received tips to help them make their films, and the jury expressed interest in producing some of these scripts. The nine short film screenplays that entered the final stage were:

A White Flamingo, by Diana Voinea

The Festivity, by Ioana Mischie

Getting Rid of Piki Riki, by Răzvan Dü

She Has My Smile, by Irina Huţu

The Sleep Therapy, by Crăiţa Nanu

The Eucharist, by Paul G. Rusen

Nero, by Petruţ Stoica & Mădălina Negrea

Playtime…Over?!, by Edyth Moţăţăianu

Early in the Morning, by Ioana Georgeta Ţurcan & Octav Chelaru

The winner is Diana Voinea, a copywriter and amateur field recorder, with her screenplay A White Flamingo, a story about the world perceived by a little girl who loses her sight. Down below, Diana talks about the evolution of her screenplay and her personal experience as a participant on The Script Contest.

How was The Script Contest experience, as well as working with a jury member?

It was helpful to talk to Andreea [Borţun]. I managed, through her guidance, to better define my story and to take on some screenwriting points which will be helpful in the future. I feel I have finished the contest with a more solid script, which I am happy with now. The pitch was also interesting – we didn’t know that we would all be in the same room and I think that’s what made us nervous. What I liked was that beyond our stutters and small deviations we all presented our stories with enthusiasm.

What was the biggest challenge in writing and developing your script, A White Flamingo?

The fact that the first half of the story is, in a way, a cinematic experiment, and since I am not a director or a DOP, I had to explain it to the jury the best I could, but without giving them the stylistic “key” to achieve it. I’m curious as to how it will come out. ?

The jury of the 3rd edition of The Script Contest was represented by Andreea Borţun, Anamaria Antoci and Bogdan Boguţă.

PITCHin’ Day took place on February 21st, at Qreator by IQOS.

We thank all the TSC #3 participants and we’ll get back for the next edition! Until then, visit The Script Contest website and the Facebook page to get all the updates.

An article by Melissa Antonescu

Translation by Andreea Toader

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