Short film marathon at Fiesta del Cine

Romanian Film Development organizes the first edition of Fiesta del Cine, an event that is focused on film, music and art, and announces its pilot edition which will take place on September 1st, at Shut Up Beach, Mamaia, starting at 8:00 PM.

On September 1st we meet at 8:00 PM at Shut Up Beach in Mamaia for short films, live music, street food and a camp fire guaranteed to help you unwind and have a good time.

The event starts with a marathon  of short films chosen by Romanian Film Development & ShortsUP, specifically by Massimiliano Nardulli and Alexandra Safriuc , the latter having also the role of artistic director of ShortsUP. The selected films of the first edition of Fiesta del Cine reunites various styles and subjects and expose a relevant and diverse situation of the current Romanian short film production industry. Here are the five films selected by ADFR & Massimiliano Nardulli:


D: Mihnea Aliciu / SF


After he has his usual night show at his pirate radio, N. receives for the first time an unexpected call from an unusual fan, which will change his life.


D: Vlad Buzaianu / SF

In a world where people are able to record, buy and sell dreams, many are starting to lose the ability of dreaming. Dreams have become a new form of art and a commodity for the rich class.


D: Ana Maria Comanescu  / COMEDY


Victor feels attracted to Filip’s wife. Filip feels attracted to Victor’s wife. Victor and Filip are next-door neighbours, not to mention good friends.



D: Conrad Mericoffer / COMEDY

An apartment’s building. The owners meet to discuss common issues. Laur wants the elevator to be fixed, as his girlfriend Cristina is due in a few weeks and climbing the stairs could set off a premature labor. It’s a simple issue, but not for Ms. Grecu, the representative of the owners’ association. 


D: Adrian Silisteanu / DRAMA


Babisa has just had a beautiful baby girl. But to be released from hospital she needs a signature from her biological mom, whom she has not seen for a very long time.

We keep the party going until dawn fuelled by a variety of delicious street foods live music by Moonlight Breakfast

Fiesta del Cine not only promotes the Romanian film industry and its people, brought together under the moonlight for a holiday evening, but it is also a meeting point for more artistic expression channels.

As you already know, Romanian Film Development is a non-profit organisation founded in 2016, which offers useful information about the entire Romanian film industry in order to create connexions between national and foreign partners and to sustain and develop the Romanian film environment.

ShortsUP is one of the most bold independent film projects in Romania. Started in 2008, ShortsUP has become in the past six years the common ground for quality short films from around the world. It has also been associated with innovative events which take the cinematographic experience to a whole new level. ShortsUP’s mission is to raise the visibility of the short films and in the long run, their value.

We are waiting for you on September 1st starting 8:00 PM at Shut Up Beach in Mamaia. Access is free but the number of seats are limited. Reservations can be made by sending an email at

For more details, check the Facebook event page of Fiesta del Cine


Article by Romina Banu
English translation by Andreea Andrei

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