The online series CASTiNG was launched on December 14th

Gina, Carmen, Miss and Vali, four actresses that are #notplaying, are the main characters in the online comedy series called CASTiNG, which was released on December 14th on Youtube. Keep an eye on the CASTiNG series channel because in the next 8 weeks you will find out their story full of adventures.

CASTiNG series is based on an original concept from beginning to end. The script was written by the four main actresses: Olimpia Melinte, Andreea Șovan, Romina Sehlanec and Ana Udroiu, and is inspired by their personal and professional lives. It all began as a crazy idea, also involving six different directors: Millo Simulov, Andrei Gheorghe, Florin Babei, Iliana Dumitrache, Roxana Andrei and Andrei Ion. Each of them had his own vision and own episode (or episodes).

In the meantime, CASTiNG series became a true family. Actor Ionuț Grama, director and producer Dan Chișu, actresses Emilia Dobrin and Dana Voicu, producer Codin Maticiuc and comedian Ionuț Bodonea are among the first season’s special guests.

‘We worked for more than half a year at this production and it wouldn’t be fair to talk only about the expectations after its launch. It’s obvious I want the series to be popular and start filming for the second season. I don’t know if this will happen, but for us, the series was already successful. That’s because our main aim was to jump into something bigger than us and get out of the comfort zone, meeting new people, new challenges, while making ourselves more visible in the industry.’ – Andrei Gheorghe, producer & director

Read the exclusive interview with the entire CASTiNG series team on our website, to find out more details and insights from the four actresses, but also from the directors and producers.

CASTiNG is an independent production made by DIUD that can be seen for free on YOUTUBE for 8 weeks. The first episode called ‘Calea Victoriei’, directed by Andrei Gheorghe, can be watched right here.

We believe that this is the beginning of a new wave and we already are excited about episode 2; the girls are already thinking about the second season. So, keep an eye on CASTiNG series!



Article by Romina Banu
English translation by Andreea Andrei


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