#intothespotlight: an interview with all the team behind Fiesta del Cine

In case you are curious to find out more details about the team behind the Fiesta del Cine event, what challenges we met, what surprises we prepared for the second edition and how we evolved since last year, this article will answer all your questions. It is an exclusive interview with the entire team, where each one of us had simultaneously two roles and we did not cheat by looking at each other’s answers. Enjoy!

Laura Mușat

Despina Bordeanu: What was the most difficult thing in organizing this event?

Laura Musat: The weather was last year’s problem (this is why we changed the date this year). 1st of September 2017 was a day full of emotions, with a lot of unpredictable situations. We were dogged by bad luck, but, by the end of the night I felt lucky to be part of this event. And prepared for the second edition. The weather forecast was bad (it was windy and we were expecting to rain), the “neighbours” weren’t really friendly, we had technical problems and the list can continue. This year’s challenge was finding the sponsors. I think that this is the hardest step for the first editions, until you find long time partnerships. But, now we have great partners and we are ready to roll.

Despina: A common, but important question: where do you see Fiesta del Cine in the next 5 years?

Laura: On the beach, for sure, but maybe on our own beach, together with these people who will become our friends in the next five years and, of course, with new people. Maybe we will also have a Spring edition in Bucharest, with the same awesome (extended) team and a better and longer film programme.

Andreea Andrei

Andreea Toader: First edition of Fiesta del Cine was also the first time you got involved in organizing such an event. How was that experience for you and what did you want to bring different for this year’s edition compared to last year?

Andreea Andrei: It was a real challenge J It was the first event of this kind for which I was one of the main organizers, and it wasn’t easy at all. We began preparing this event three months before its start (I think we were a bit crazy). In my opinion, the first edition was a success, with the good and the bad. For the second edition, we decided to start the preparations earlier and to expand our team. Things are way different now… first of all, we have the experience of a previous edition. I am sure that unexpected things will happen and problems may come up (as much as myself and Laura would like to control everything), but I think it will be easier to solve them.

Andreea T.: What message would you send to your friends or acquaintances to invite them to Fiesta del Cine on August 18th?

Andreea A.: My friends trust my taste in events, films and music. So, they have no reason to miss the second edition. See you there! J

Romina Banu

Alina Dima: Why is Fiesta del Cine more special compared to the other festivals?

Romina Banu: First of all, Fiesta del Cine is not really a film festival, but more a beach party where people can enjoy Romanian short films, a food corner, a fire camp, two concerts and a VR film corner (for which I am really looking forward, as this is one of our novelties). We are different compared to other events through our location, relaxed attitude and “easy” schedule, without the classical constrains of the big film festivals.

Alina: What was the funniest moment from behind the scenes of Fiesta del Cine #1?

Romina: There were a lot of funny and challenging moments. It is tough to pick just one because, from my perspective, the entire team works as a group of friends who like working together and organizing an awesome event for other people to enjoy, so there are a lot of amusing things happening. I don’t know if this is a funny moment, but I will always fondly recall the moment we were designing the Fiesta del Cine logo on the surf board (which I am sure you recognize from the pictures). We were close to the finish line but we did not know what the end result would be. It was a funny moment that drew us even closer.

Andreea Toader

Andreea Andrei: How did you decide to be part of the team, besides your collaboration with ADFR?

Andreea Toader: My collaboration on social media with ADFR naturally led to my involvement in Fiesta del Cine, this being one of the projects developed by the Organization. And besides social media, I also said yes to be the Guest Coordinator, an area in which I have gained some experience in the last year in festivals and other events of sort. Plus, the idea of a chill night on the beach with film screenings, popcorn, campfire and a bit of dancing sounds really great. I could not help but get involved in the project.

Andreea A.: In your opinion, what is the highlight of Fiesta del Cine #2? What do you think the audience should not miss?

Andreea T.: The VR corner. It’s a new thing at Fiesta and it would really be worth trying because you can not find it anytime, anywhere. I did not have the chance to experience with the VR yet and I am very curious how it feels. I think the public will share my opinion. And I would add the Q & A session around the campfire. You rarely have the opportunity to speak with the filmmakers in such a familiar setting.

Alina Dima

Romina Banu: What are you looking forward to from the schedule of this edition of Fiesta del Cine, taking into consideration that it’s the first time you’re part of the team?

Alina Dima: I think that would be the screenings of the short films. Since all my friends studying at UNATC graduated, it’s pretty difficult for me to actually catch some Romanian shorts. I think it’s really awesome that we have two screenings exclusively dedicated to Romanian shorts and I for one am very impatient to savoir them. Of course, I cannot wait to get lost in the atmosphere of the festival, too. It will be my first time experiencing this kind of event on the beach. Also, the bonfire sounds marvellous and makes me want the 18th of August to come even faster!

Romina: What do you think about the VR corner that we’re gonna have at this year’s edition?

Alina: I think it was a really smart move from our part, haha – VR is becoming more and cooler! I haven’t experienced it yet, so you can imagine I’m looking forward to see how things are with this Virtual Reality. And I think I’m not the only one in this situation! I think it will be a popular part of our event!

Despina Bordeanu

Laura Mușat: You have been part of the team since the first edition. What do you think about how things are evolving, now that we are getting closer to the second edition, from a project perspective, but also a personal one?

Despina Bordeanu: To be honest, I totally love what it is happening! You can easily see the passion behind everyone’s work, a thing that helps Fiesta del Cine create its own “personality”. A VR film corner, two concerts (Mihail and Golan), two short film series, selected by ADFR and ShortsUP, a game and chill corner and awesome culinary experiences – this is Fiesta del Cine from a project perspective. Personally, this event keeps me constantly active. The VR corner is pretty challenging, but we will talk later about how it is evolving.

Laura: Do you think you would attend Fiesta del Cine if you would not have been part of the team? What would attract you and what turn off your interest?

Despina: Maybe it is a cliché but I like everything. Fiesta del Cine is an event which takes place on the beach under the moonlight and gathers great people, with live concerts and Romanian short films. Art and nature put together.

Fiesta del Cine takes place this year on August 18th on Shup Up, Beach in Mamaia. Find out more details about the event on our website or Facebook page.


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