CELA – the national selection organized by Cinepub

The national selection for CELA (Creating Emerging Literary Artists) has started. The programme for writers and European translators lasts for two years and takes place in six European countries.

“Cinepub is not (just) a cinema website, or (just) the most important legal online archive of Romanian films or (just) a handy FVOD, but a team made of friends, enthusiast supporters, professionals from visual arts, cinema and writing domains, famous or ordinary readers and viewers; briefly, an entire free, creative and borderless world. All the above and the lack of real opportunities for emergent authors to gain recognition, the absence of professional high-quality translators, experts in philology, lacks that Cinepub professionally feels, made us join CELA, a unique project among the thousands of current European cultural projects” (Professor, filmmaker and the founder of – Lucian Georgescu).

Cinepub is a founding member of this European project, working together with partners from five countries: Booktailors (Portugal), Escuela de Escritores (Madrid, Spain), Huis de Buren and Passa Posta (Belgium), Pisa Book Festival (Italy) and Wintertuin (Netherlands).

CELA’s objective is to find 18 writers and 24 translators at the beginning of their career and to guide them through various workshops in different countries. The workshops will teach them professional technics, inform them about the specialisations they can choose and will prepare them to cross the national borders and expose themselves to the European context.

The national selection for CELA will take place between July 5 and August 15. Our friends from Cinepub are looking for three Romanian prose writers (with a personal published volume or with at least one text published in a collective book) and five Romanian translators specialised in one of the CELA’s authors languages: Spanish, Italian, Dutch and Portuguese. The translators have to prove their language knowledge and the existence of professional translated texts done by them.

The selected writers can choose to attend one of the five workshops of the project, which will last for two weeks:

  • Didactics of Creative Writing in Madrid – Escuela de Escritores – for those who are interested in learning how to teach creative writing.
  • About visibility in Pisa – Pisa Book Fair – for those who want to learn the secrets of “personal selling” at festivals or other networking events.
  • Transmedia Storytelling in Wintertuin, the Netherlands – for those who want to experience new techniques of writing and new transformational models of fiction texts.
  • Book marketing in Portugal with BookTailors
  • Techniques of adapting short prose in a fiction short film script in Bucharest by Cinepub.

The selected participants have to translate their foreign colleagues’ texts in the language they have studied. They will also participate at Pisa Book Fair and other similar festivals in the Netherlands and Belgium. Both the writers and the translators will be published in a chapbook and will be included, either with their works, or in person, in the 2019 European festivals.

Romanian candidates must submit their admission files to until 15.08.2017. More details about the programme or the required documents are available here.

The European project CELA will take place in September 2017.


Article by Romina Banu
English translation by Andreea Andrei

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