About #ADFRSurvival micro-grants

The state of emergency established worldwide, including in Romania, due to the danger exposed by the COVID-19 virus has affected the entire economy, one of the most vulnerable areas being the cinema. Teamwork is an essential part of film production, which has been severely affected over the past two months – all film productions, like major events, have been postponed or even canceled. For this reason, all freelance professionals working on collaborative contracts have come up with no source of income. Through #ADFRSurvival, we want to meet these representatives of the indigenous film industry, in such a situation.

The first session of the #ADFRSurvival microgrants will be held between April and May and aims to provide short-term financial support to independent artists in the film industry, affected by the state of emergency established in Romania amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The team of evaluators is made up of Laura Mușat (Founder of ADFR), Alexandra Safriuc (Short Film Curator & ADFR Project Coordinator) and Iulia Popovici (Film & Theater Critic / Founder “Transectoral Association of Cultural Independents”).

For more information, read the Applicant’s Guide.


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