ADFR is a non-profit organization that brings together the Romanian Film Industry under one umbrella, providing useful information about our country’s locations, production services, talent and funding resources.

Founded in 2016 by a group of  people working in the film business, Romanian Film Development’s aim is to enable connections between national and international partners, helping the national film industry develop over the years into a strong contender worldwide.


Through our projects, we work to sustain, develop and invest in the local film industry and its emerging filmmaking talents and culture.

Fiesta del Cine
Fiesta del Cine is a beach party where Romanian short films are being celebrated in a fairytale scenery, accompanied by live music.

The Script Contest
Every year, The Script Contest awards the best scriptwriters, offering them the opportunity to watch their stories turn into successful short films

We're constantly looking for smart, young and enthusiastic people. Down below, shortly presented are our organisation's main team. Please, feel free to drop us a line anytime if you would like to join us

Laura Mușat
Founder of Romanian Film Development / Project Manager

Laura is a young film producer who graduated Film, TV & Digital Media Production at Regent’s College in London, 2015. After her graduation, she flew back home where she spent a whole year building the Romanian Film Development organization. An optimist who can’t live without her to do lists, Laura also describes herself as a perfectionist, emotive and extremely stubborn human being. When she’s not producing films or working for the organization, you can find her either in the park with her dog or at home, reading history and enjoying a cup of vanilla and strawberry tea. Or travelling, probably somewhere hot.

Hobbies: dancing, travelling, skiing

Romina Banu
Chief Editor / Photographer

Romina tries to divide her time between university, the organization and her online magazine. She’s stubborn but organized and has an eye for details. If she could have a wish fulfilled, she would like a 48 hours day … everyday – so she could sleep more. In her spare time, you can spot her at film festivals or photography exhibitions.

Hobbies: cooking, movies and petting cats

For press releases or interviews you can write her on romina@romfilmdevelopment.org

Alina Dima
PR&Communication Strategist

On her way of becoming a communication and PR specialist, Alina would like to be part of all film festivals in the world, if this would be possible. A veteran volunteer, Alina was part of the Anim’est International Film Festival team, where she had the chance to learn more about PR and Social Media. She is an ambitious and responsible person, who likes to take (calculated) risks

Hobbies: films, illustrations, cooking and sports.

Andreea Toader
Social Media Guru

When it comes to film, Andreea describes herself as a 'late bloomer'. While she’s running around between classes, film festivals and distribution, she daydreams of building a 'home' on the film set one day.

Hobbies: travelling, music, haunting books, dancing at concerts and festivals, cinema.

Andreea Andrei
Content Editor / Translator / Problem fixer

Andreea is a dynamic person who is always looking for new adventures. Since 2014, she has been working mostly in the digital field. Besides her daily job, she is passionate about films, traveling and literature, and... if it were possible, she would dance until the sunrise every weekend.

Hobbies: dancing, films, traveling, books